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At the Green Island Dental Centre we offer our patients a comprehensive range of treatment options, an informed and unbiased choice of safe, contemporary restorative materials, and therefore can provide modern, functional, cosmetic, and practical dental care. All procedures that are carried out in the practice are biocompatible, effective, durable, and reliable dental treatments, in accordance with New Zealand Dental Association guidelines.
Green Island Dental Clinic services
  • Emergency dental care. Treatment for teeth damaged as a result of an accident, generally covered by ACC (private part change may apply)
  • Routine preventative oral examinations, education and advice on oral home care, and the full range of restorative rehabilitation procedures.
  • Full range of biocompatible dental materials for fillings including amalgam (silver fillings), composite and glass ionomer restorations (white fillings).
  • Cosmetic dentistry including veneers and teeth whitening.
  • Complex restorative procedures including crowns, bridges and implants.
  • Full prosthodontic services for partial and full dentures, as well as their replacement.
  • Endodontic (root filling) treatment and referrals arranged for specialist endodontists for more complex cases.
  • Periodontic (gum) therapy is undertaken by the dentists or referred to periodontic specialists or hygienists when necessary.
  • Laser treatment of oral soft tissues and pathology.
  • Oral surgery when required for tooth extraction or referrals arranged for specialists extraction and sedation if required.
  • Treatment of Dental Benefit Patients (13 to 18 years of age), provides free treatment under Dental Benefit guidelines
  • Orthodontic assessment and referral to orthodontic specialists for teeth straightening and bite adjustment.